The Love Bite


People have always been after the occasions that occur throughout the whole year but they tend to focus mostly on :


it’s that moment of year where the single people find themselves indulging on pints of ice cream trying to get the love of food , cause in the other side of their main door there are other people celebrating their Anniversaries maybe even their Wedding Night.


To be honest , I dont believe in the ( Day of love ) . We dont need one day to treat our loved ones in a special way and mostly , everyday should be a day to celebrate love . Its not only for couples but family , friends and colleagues . Many people understand Valentines as a day between only a man and a woman .

Time heals the pain of love but we should cherish our close family relatives and friends .


7 thoughts on “The Love Bite

  1. Iorshagher Sease

    bravo. True love NEVER dies, & doesn’t need just a day of celebration, everyday counts. But We all have to understand dat in lovers lives, there comes a Very special day carved out to b celebrated, it might not b d valentine day, But dat day always comes!

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