The ChillaHolic =D


OMG !!! I wake up staring at my phone and I realise that I missed my university class XD

Oh well , what can I do …lol

I wake up like it’s summer XD it’s not my fault …I live everyday like its my last ā¤

so , I just jumped out of my bed like a Boss B-D …

Walk towards my sister’s room …Hey Sister .

Sis : OMG , you missed your class .

Me : Like who cares …it’s not like they’re gona be throwing a grieving marathon cuz I missed it.

Sister : Oh well , don’t go saying you got dropped

Me : …Arghhh , nevermind . * I close her door*

I went on with my normal routine Dressing myself up and making myself some breakfast .

I got so many Questions and I feel amazing =D my fandom is growing more and more XD

I had some bread and yoghurt =D then I later packed my stuff and decided to go to ArgoTea to chill and talk to my buds online.

* In the mean time …. I thought I’d pass by to pick up my Check =D and get myself a new pair of ear phone .

** Cuz my amazing sister can’t control herself losing her own so I gave her mine x

Oh well , off I went … I threw the garbage on the way out =P yeah …I do my chores XD

I go off to pick up my Check and to my surprise its not ready šŸ˜„

Arghhhh……anyway , Jean said she’ll call me when it’s ready x

I took the most amazing Taxi Driver on the way here ( ArgoTea )

Me : Dana Plaza please

T.D : Of course šŸ˜€ with a big smile

Me : * in my head* – OMG , im so gona write about him in my blog x

Me : Can you turn right here please ?

T.D : Of course =D

Me : Thank you

T.D : You’re most welcome dear

Me : OMG , he’s so damn sweet …I even said Awww out loud and he continued to smile .

* a down to earth Smile *

Here I am in the cafe writing about this amazing guy … which makes me think about how ther are amazing people out there x

No matter what job they have , they will be still be doing it with a big smile ….it don matter what happens , a smile can always change someone’s life .

Just from his manners and his being , im here talking about this lovely man x


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