My New Family



Well , I can’t thank god enough for how much he’s given me the past 9 days .

He’s shown me that family aint by blood but by connections , and mostly cause of how my heart speaks out of love , where ever I go I click with people .

Working with my WoW Agency , I joined the latest event ( Qasr Al Hosn Festival ) .

Dressing up at home , thoughts in my mind running about how things will be . I don’t know anyone working for this job .

I held my head high and said ” I can do this ” I don’t want to bail out of this just cause I don’t know anyone x

Anyway , I got myself to the venue …walked into the tent , I sat throughout the briefing and presentation .

Then came the time for presenting the supervisors . I eyed through the crowd of supervisors to see each one to the eye .

While looking through I heard all their names called out …I got scared not wanting some of the supervisors .

” Guita will be the supervisor for the Oasis Zone ”

I looked to see who it was … OMG !!! Just OMG .

The moment I looked up , she looked at me and I looked back …It felt like a spark .

We instantly clicked , that moment …I smiled and her smile looked all too familiar x

I just loved it so much , lifted my spirit to the heavens .

My personality just popped to the surface and she loved it . Throughout the whole training with her . I was always upfront and keeping up .

It felt like I’ve known her since my childhood . I just love her so much .

She was after me throughout the whole time and I felt it . It’s like she understood me to the detail .

I am just speechless from it all , I’m way too excited and in love with the new people I met x

I can’t ask for anything more , God has truly gave me back all that I lost from the people that treated me like a carpet .

It’s just her heart is so warm and so at home .

1 ) Ezzie  , (  Ezmeralda ) is just a piece of heaven

2)  Leena ,  ( the best heart ) ** I met her at the beginning . She just walked up to me and clicked .

3) Samiha , * the perfect mother * just words can’t describe how amazing she is .

4) Carol , the girl that brings love and Happiness with her unique smile .

5) Mohammed Kanaan ” The guy that …I don’t know just he is truly an amazing guy ..I love him x* His parents and his grandmother …just speechless . I don’t know what to say .

6) Leanora ” What can I say about you Honey ” The first time I met her …Didn’t know what to expect but she’s a sweetheart and an amazing heart with wings .Just an amazing person that everyone should have as a friend . She made me feel special .

To be honest they all made me feel special …in their unique ways.

7)  Not to forget Rozanne …Oh Rozanne !! You’re Vibe is just sooo amazing ! Truly an Angel ! Your smile can change the world .

8) Zayed ” The most amazing and positive guy ever !! Sanad : Best sweetheart ever !

9) Hemo * AbdelRahman ❤ That guy that started talking to me from the start and we became friends instantly . He’s an amazing guy that I really like ❤ He just is a sweetheart that I can never forget . Love chilling with him and sharing my talent with him x A True Friend ❤ ❤

I love them all so much so dearly and with all my heart …they all taught me how much love I have in my heart and what I can do to bring in smiles to people’s life .

I’ve worked with all my heart and I’ve seen the true meaning of life with these people in my life . They effected me in ways I can’t even describe . They brought out the best in me .

I’m crying within my soul as tears of happiness i don’t want em to roll cuz not even a drop of water is enough to express how thankful I am for these people.

I thank God so much for this opportunity ❤ Without Him I wouldn’t have made it through …


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