What The Heart?!



It came to my attention that the Heart is an amazing organ , we are alive because of it . We breathe in the outside , sharing it with our lungs and our heart doesn’t hesitate to help us through the day .

We have all constructed a fantasy that the heart looks like this :

download (2)

Sadly , we all knew the contrary in Biology class when the teacher posted this photo :


We realized that our fantasies were just made up through watching cartoons and movies . Everyone has the hand on their heart no matter the emotion . We got so used to the fantasy world that even reality sometimes feels too evil to believe so we refuse to take it in.

The whole point of this was to talk about how we gave a simple organ a multi – tasking career . That it controls our feelings & daily routine . Everything we do or say , our heart has always been the source of the conversation ..if not directly then indirectly .

Many people have taught me recently that our heart has one job and it is to keep us alive. I am not saying all the fantasies should be ignored or kicked to the curb . But we should stop trying to complicate an organ’s life and manage it and take care of it .

Afterall , just because there are heart implants doesn’t mean that we can neglect the natural gift that god has given us .

I have learnt that many people possess the powers of evil and want to inflict it into our heart . As everyone know the weakness of every human is ” power house ” which is the ” Heart” .

Control their heart and you got them . That’s how bullying got us all eventually throughout our life . They controlled us with their words and actions . With that taken care of , the physically abuse is a piece of cake .

We should all feed our hearts with strength and courage and build heart connections so that we become “A World Wide Family”.

Everything is possible cause even ImPossible says ” I’m Possible “.


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