Pompeii’s Lesson



We’ve all heard the famous line in the song Pompeii by Bastille –


As I sat in the Cinema room , I recalled all the pictures of Pompeii when I last studied it back in high school. Throughout the movie , It displayed themes like :

  • Discrimination
  • Human Rights
  • Freedom
  • Violence
  • Romance
  • Brotherhood
  • Loyalty
  • Hierarchy of the Kings & Gods
  • Slavery

Just seeing how people were treated back then , It shocked me . I thought about how our society is . My mind ran with thoughts of how our war time now makes sense because of many factors in which resemble the points I mentioned above .

The whole idea of Pompeii gave me the chills . I just couldn’t ignore the moral behind it . There has to be a reason why Pompeii was destroyed . No other reason but the anger of God . Innocent people were killed because of selfish people ( Romans ) . They thought that there are ( Gods ) but they forgot that there is only 1 god . I can’t really tell about they all disappeared but just how each individual was put through , struck me like lightening .

I couldn’t stop thinking of all the children and women that disappeared . The vicious men that didn’t think twice before striking an innocent soul . I wish I could one day stay in a battlefield and look over my horse’s head to see a realy battle going on . I wouldn’t fight a soul but I would defend and with all my heart I would stand ground to keep people safe .

I wish I clone my purpose into each person around the world to make this world a peaceful place . I don’t know why the world craves blood and have anger growing within them .

Revenge and War never fix anything . I just wish I can understand what they want .

Is it Power ? Money ? Fame ? What is it exactly ? Status maybe ?  What does it matter exactly we are all born from the same Creator ( God ) and we will all return just the same as the way we were brought onto this earth .

None of us is any better or an worse , Yes , I agree we are all different . The reason for that was to test us. Whether we are worthy of looking way beyond that and seeing each other are brothers and sisters and not ( Colour , Money status , or Nationality , Sexual Orientation , none of that matters !!! )

People should seriously stop and look way beyond a screen and words . We should be more open to people around us .

For me , everyone around me is my family ❤ No one is different . I wish I can share the feeling within me but words can’t cause for me it’s like being half Angel – half Human .

I have seen how my heart can be and it amazes me most of the time how I am able to do things which seem so ordinary yet people find it hard to accomplish. This has shown me how people see me and how things are around me .

I know my purpose in this world  . It’s to give and give only . I hate taking from people as I feel I got everything . Many people need so much so why should I take from them .

I usually say ” A smile goes a long way than a dollar in my hand ” – Alex.B

I want to achieve as much money to give the world . I don’t want the money but I need it to give to the real needy .

I have felt this need since I was a kid . The day I saw that kid in the street holding a cup to the sky , waiting for a few coins . That old blind man sitting along the wall holding his hat on his lap , ” Help me , I’m blind.

That girl that screamed while crying where her mother has disappeared . Orphans weep daily . Hoping and wishing to get a bite of bread or a sip of water .

Time and time again , I have given myself the thought that I will build an Orphan Hotel where Orphans stay.

They will be pampered , fed , taken around the world on tours , their own individual room , a farm where they can learn horse riding .

I don’t know if I’m a dreamer but my heart is a Gold Mine that I can easily give to people .

Moments of fear struck me though when I saw the huge waves and the volcano erupt . As I’ve had similar dreams and still hits me . I just don’t want the world to end . I want to stay here .

I just want the World to wake up and realize it’s never too late ! I do want to go to Heaven but I have not enjoyed the world and I haven’t finished my mission here .


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