Child In The Meadows


Wind blew through her soft hair

Walking a trail leading to the sea

Beyond to the horizon, the sun descends

A tear falls, she races but misses

Slowly the moon rises, she walks into the ocean


Music starts, the shadow of the moon rests on the waves

Angel harps awaken the clouds, the rain begins

As the rain falls, an orchestra of nature.

The child prays, suddenly to hear a voice nearby.

An Angel foretells a story.

Warmly hugged, the child smiled.

Walking by the shore, listening to nature


Welcoming the beautiful notes, nature’s choir.

A peaceful night, greeted by angels from above.

Even there’s no hope, God’s there through the darkness.

Stars, A true beauty, diamonds of the sky

The child rests alongside the shore, relaxed by nature’s melody.


As she rests, the Angels return above.

The moon silently descends, stars fade away

As the sun rises, birds welcome a new day

A soft morning breeze caresses the child’s hair.

A sweet greeting, the child awakens

Looking to the horizon, the sun had risen


She strolled on back home

Flowers grew along the road, the trees formed a beautiful arch

Birds sang the morning song, the child sang along.

Rabbits hopped by, Horses ran on the meadows.

Returning home, ran to greet her grandparents

Warm hugs and kisses, they all sat for tea

After this, the child always remained by her grandparents.


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