Friend or Fashion Trend


I came upon the world of fashion

7 continents and living in a nation.

I’ve learnedand taught to reach yet another destination

Planet of friends ; categories , styles , names , skills

walking on the pavement watching film makers and papparazi pass by

Should i choose styles , nah I’d rather die .

Sitting in a bench , humans more like aliens , hair of the witch.

Gender questions i ask , even we have the choice to switch.

can you see any beauty ? wait til more details.

lets move on from all this shall we , friends to me no fashion trend.

She’s not from Hollywood aint got 100 bags , no diamond bargain.

ask her out , she’d wear to comfort and fancy.

Put on loud music , keep your pants on , its gonna be crazy!

Take her out for a movie , she just needs a shoulder and me.

Why choose ? look deep discover who she is and you’ll see.

I have her through all seasons , all year , all my life.

  •  Summer : she Splashes happiness through out the day.
  •  Winter : Fragile yet soft , like snow , careful , she can break.
  • Autumn : She’ll float with the wind , wonder free.
  • Spring : Unique flower of the garden , waiting for me to make her flourish and prosper.

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