The Mother , My Guardian <3


The Mother , The Beautiful Soaring Exotic Bird , Flying Over Us , Protecter and Guide.

The Mother ,  The Unconditional love and care , no matter what , She’s always there.

She’s the one that fought 9 months , Through the pain , Sacrificed herself to bring us to the world.

A creation so precious and delicate , can withstand this all and still hold the most beautiful smile .

None Other than the Mother can fight for what they love

Everyday she woke up to feed us , Holding on through long nights 

Every Cry , she Held us , but none was more precious to her than when we entered this world.

Every Laugh , she tickled us til we couldnt breathe anymore , just the Best Given Joy of Life

Never asking for anything but our love back if not just a smile to know that she’s made us happy .

She’d run through endless , sleepless nights thinking about us , if we’ve eaten , drank and had a well passing day.

No-One has ever been more of a Best – Friend , A Guardian Angel , A Truly God Given Blessing and Gift .

I am Truly blessed that my mother has done all she could to get me where i am now .

Her heart is held in my soul’s core , Warming my being to every second just thinking of her , brings me warmth.

A blanket to the heart , A Shining Light in a Dark Room , A Sign of Hope that never Dies.

Times of her sorrow , give me strength to fight for her , Give my all to give what she’s done for me.

Her existence matter more to me than ever , I cannot imagine living in a world without her.

Just like that Perfect Painting , flaws of such , smalll yet she’s just a human that stands out amongst all Profession.

She’s The Police woman , that would fight and protect us .

The Doctor , that would miss days of work to be by our side and cure us til we are able to stand again.

The Comedian , that would humor us in our sad days

The Teacher , that would teach us all that we need to know to make it in the world out there.

The Cook , that makes the best of the best better than any chef making into consideration everything to make sure we eat healthy and satisfied.

The Best Friend , Everywhere , Anytime , AnyWhere …. She’s Always there.

I just cant find enough words to describe how amazing The Mother and My Mother is


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