A world of competition and greed

Following the great and the beautiful

Throwing away time to the poorly dressed , Giving time to all that fails

where are the people that remain true ?

Voices around of laughter , gossip , betrayal and hate.

dictatorship of the heart , cursing and hurting .

clashs of plates , stomps of the feet echo through the canteen.


As I write aside , the world goes on and on .

Dressing to impress , ways of the modern dolls

Boys  pants down low , showing class , but that’s not what’s shown.

favourable , nerds are now extinct , where is this world going to ?

Walks by , costumes of halloween , make-up of the dead.

Thinking , what has to be done ? Whispers surround me .

Grouping their types , choosing their rights , staying awake all night.

Their minds filled with confusions of how , why , who , where , when .


Time’s taken a transit and delaying their life with reality’s clock.

Competing for all the wrong reasons , end up with tear and screams.

coffee makers , energy drinks , caffiene following through , but for what ?

They barely “spend” anything to re-fuel for assumingly a ” rich tribe”

Voices , beautiful yet disturbing sounds feed on innocent ears.

Fearing , doubting , panic attacks linger amongst this pop.

Law , taught me that its to question the victim for his actions.

What can we do about such people ? They dress lies and smoke through the truth.


Wishing i can only get a chance to let them know how much voice is lost.

A sound so precious , so delicate , yet used as a tissue to wipe away and “illegally used “

Time , the most sincere of voices , Gives but not everyone know how to hold it .

Friends , a person we get to know , yet questions through their actions daily

How are we to know if we are safe ? when voices linger and echo in our minds of doubt

a voice , a tool to provide information , give care and advice , just mis – understood.


A mind , a dangerous cyclone of thoughts , a raging sea

The mouth , most wanted criminal , unstoppable when rich

closed minds surround me , is it contageous ?

how can people just lay about , speak , and never leave behind a civil war of thoughts

Voices , a scary yet fragile gift from god , a message to humanity misused , I pity the world.


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