Beautiful Shadow


Eyes that shine bright like the stars
Walking past the haters, Sadness in ur heart
Waiting for the day to hit em back , but no
Cuz you’re beautiful shadow, standing proud
Don’t let them take you down , Cuz u’re strong
Pain dancing in ur veins, wont be long til they’re gone.

The heart of the brave , hold on , don’t let go
Nights crying it out , bullying , abuse ,getting hurt , No oh no no..
You’re fighter , mightier than stone , come on lets show em
Screaming , no , oh no , here it comes again
This is just like a storm , there’s rainbow after the rain
Your true colors , a beautiful soul , don’t give it up , no , no , don’t .
Don’t be afraid cuz u’re not alone , we’ll stand together

Oh beautiful shadow , spread your wings , fly away
Set yourself free , be who you want to be
You’re beautiful like a rainbow , smile my dear
Dont cut it off , don’t scream it out , I’m here for you
Trust me friend , I love you , hold on , just keep holding on

The war is over , no more fighting , weapons down
Look to my eyes , hug me tight , we survived
No more writing death letters , god’s given us a chance

Just like a star u’re beautiful (x4)
No more sad eyes , ur true colors shining like rainbow
Beautiful shadow x 4 …. (On going)


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