My New Inspiration x ” Stacey Dooley “







The person on the above picture is ” Stacey Dooley ” . Someone I befriended through her amazing documentaries that caught my eye. I found her passion towards Broadcast Journalism is truly inspiring .

I have always looked up to Ellen & Oprah throughout my childhood . Many times I would say ” One day I will become like them”. Many people have called me a dreamer but I used that a motivation and not a bring down. All I ever wanted was to give to the world and be out there and see what there is than what we see on the television . Many people think i’m after it because of the fame and cash it brings . I won’t disagree to that but I will put that money into good use . 

I have my purpose recently in giving back to the world . Every other day , Thoughts of helping people haunts my mind . Anyway my main purpose is to put smiles and make sure the world is aware of what is going on . This is where Stacey comes in . 

From watching her documentaries , she has inspired me to become like her . I have always wanted to travel around the world and share every individual’s voice . Not only that but I do want to give to those people. I won’t be able to rest in my grave til I know I have accomplished this mission . God forgive me for all the mistakes I’ve made but I know that giving is the best miracle you can provide to an innocent soul . 

Stacey’s honest words and her way of dealing with people resembles a lot to how I would treat people . I have many times encountered individuals that have told me ” please help us , spread the word ” . As well they would say you look like a Journalist . 

It’s amazing how people can just look at you and guess who you are . I am a very transparent individual but I do try my best everyday in sharing smiles and love . 


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