Reality Check

We think deserve certain things in life because it is the norm for others to have them, because we grow up hearing similar stories of youth and growing up and being an adult, but in reality the world owes us nothing.

and there’s a lot of room to fall under the level we imagined our lives to be when we were younger.   The real world guarantees nothing.  The world is going to do its own thing, its in a constant state of change whether it feels like it or not and it can lead you to places you never wanted to be.  It can put you in some shitty places.  But that isn’t to say you can’t work to better your life.  If anything, hard work is the only solution to life’s disappointments. 

Hard work can build something out of the negativity, a platform to raise your standard of living even if you started near the bottom, even if you take twice as long to succeed than others, you have that power to be better than your current state.  You don’t have to accept whats happening now as something that will be forever. We are always changing just like the world, and we can take control of that change.  Life can certainly give us some shitty situations, but that doesn’t have to be forever. We have more power over it than we might think.


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