A Taxi Driver’s Luck


Once again I was craving ArgoTea’s Tea Sparkle =D my favourite of course . so I head out of home and went to the Taxi stop . 

A taxi came which already had customers .

I said ” Yay ” !!

Then I reached a young teenager walk past me and stand right infront of the taxi . I thought ” hey , that’s my taxi “

but then I said ” it’s not meant to be I guess ” .. so I waited til the next taxi appeared . 

I went in and said ” Abela please “

He said : Sure =D 

I listened as he spoke on the telephone about how he didnt eat all day and that he had no time for lunch that he only was able to eat 

an apple .

That struck my heart deeply . I said ” Omg , this man has not eaten anything ” =(


I decided that I will offer him something from ArgoTea since I was going there.

As he dropped me close to the store , I told him I will be gone for 5 mins and I will be back …

to be honest , When I looked at him he seemed scared that I might run away and not come back .


So , I told him not to worry as I will right back . I rushed to ArgoTea and order for him a Cheese Criossant with a DelMonte Orange Juice.

I told them to pack his order separately so that it would be presentable , So I quickly got my order and left . 

I went into the cab and I told him can you drop me where you picked me up from . ” he said : sure “

I then said ” here , this is for you ” I placed the order pack on the passenger seat next to him .

He said : No , I can’t accept it ” 

I said : No , It’s alright , it’s for you ” no worries . You deserve it”

He seemed so touched , he didn’t know what to say .

Throughout the whole journey , he kept on thanking me =D he’s so sweet 


At the end , he dropped me home and he then turned to me and said : You are really amazing , thank you so much , you have a great heart and very kind “

he nearly teared up , I hand shoke his hand and he told me hope to see you again and God Bless you . 

I told him : God bless you too , Have a great day and wish you all the best . It gave him the most amazing smile ever.

I am just truly thankful from how my heart is , some people can realy make a big difference in someone’s life just by offering something small.

Afterall , its the littlest of things that matter the most . 


P.S. along the road he did mention how my hair looks amazing and how it matches my features =D truly an Angel x 


We should all give every now and then , the smile on their face is so much more worth it than hearing them say thank you . 

My mother will be so proud of me ❤ It’s on her behalf that I have done this and mostly in the honor of my Grand Father ❤ 

R.I.P x 

His Legacy of Love and Kindness lives on x


3 thoughts on “A Taxi Driver’s Luck

    • Awww…i’m truly thankful , yeah to be honest I do want people to do the same . My goal is to do even more when I become successful x
      All I want is to give people and the only thing I would want to see in return is a smile . it feeds a heart , that lasts longer than anything materialistic.

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