Against the wall


Its that type of days that I thought I would never hear about or feel for that matter.

I always thought alright , I’m good and today’s going to be amazing .

I always hold in mind the thought that I will be able to get through without any problems.

Sometimes people , tend to make me feel like there is something wrong with me .

Nowadays the only thing on my mind is to move away and be where no one knows me.

But with that , comes the thought that I things will get better .

I have told myself that things will get better.

My mind is always on Hitch Hike mode ,

Where is the sense of living for the day when everyone around you is trying to break you?

What happened to humanity seriously? They hunt you down like you are an innocent rabbit


Time and time again , all I want to do is go out there and achieve my dream

Yeah , i wont lie .

It does hurt to be around such people , its the close friends that I am talking about.

I kept on telling myself that its just for the moment

I give so much from my little heart , a little heart that rejuvenates

I always feel like it grows from itself , many times I give the people that treat me like shit more and more love.

I wish I can look through god’s eyes and see my worth

I wish I can see whats the real purpose of me being here

Everyday I am faced with challenges of wondering what I want to be in the future

Is there a path I have to walk on ? But I am forming my own path.

I want to be out there and share what I have to offer.

I still wonder how the people that I have met through my life how they are

I have been kicked , spat on , abused , thrown , stabbed , you name it!!!


I am standing now , I hurt , I wont lie . I still do hurt but inside I feel a warrior that holds the sword even after being defeated.

“Victory is the moment we stand up after we fall and not when we win . Winning is the feeling .

Victory is that sensation that you made it.” – Alex . Angel


I am trying to understand everyday , trying to see who I really am . What I don’t understand is why I am feeling certain ways for certain people.

I just don’t know why this is happening to me . I wish I wasn’t feeling like this . It’s driving me mad of how my feelings are changing .

Getting close to people seems like a full time marriage commitment .

Some people are so demanding , especially girls . I am not able to understand my heart anymore.

I don’t know whether it likes me or hates me .

I sometimes feel that maybe things have changed inside and that I am growing to be that person I thought i’d never be.

That person that doesn’t involve people and goes solo , it seems more and more that I am heading towards that path.

Many people everyday are giving me hints that maybe this is what is going on inside .



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