Dear World


I am sorry but I don’t want to be a hero

I don’t want to rule

I just want to fight for Mother Earth 

She gave us so much , yet we barely give back

Preserve her for our children 

Inside us we carry greed and hate 

Give the world a second chance 


The soul we carry 

the heart we bare

Hunger and thirst floods our mind

we cry over materials 

we demand and want so much more

wars haunt us , death eater of the innocent 


We think so much and feel so little

more than machines we need humanity

i wish that this message reaches millions

Million of praying men , women and children

the victims of our faults 

Soldiers of war , I ask you 

Does your gun tremble when you aim?


Oh world , realize that we are breaking 

look around you , its dark and grey 

stand for the peace , make a difference

Open your heart , help one another 

we want to live in each other’s happiness , not by each other misery.



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