How Did I Know ?


is it just me or am I blind 

is it just me or love is hard to find 

it’s just a world of grey

sky is blue but its not what I see

who can I truly keep?

Why does it always end somehow ?


Baby , i cant seem to smile 

hold me close and don’t let go

I wish you could understand

i smile while i cry inside

don’t go believing this lie

how did I know it’s goodbye?


Do I ever cross your mind?

Do you know that I miss you 

to just hug you and say everything’s gona be alright

I just don’t want to start a fight 

I know but its right that I go


I can see you smile

But I won’t believe that lie

I know how you feel inside

when you hurt I can feel it too

When you smile , i’ll smile

Yeah distance will push us but no

no matter where I end up

you’ll always be in my heart and mind


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