The Feelings


” Staring at you “


  • my words – why are you looking at me this way?

– nothing

  • Your thoughts – I’m scanning your adorable face trying to memorize the tiniest details , wondering why ? Ain’t it obvious?


Your thoughts – Pretending to be angry at you

My words – stop doing this to me , no i don’t want to , don’t make me follow you.

“” But I want you to do so , so that you’d leave the rest of the world and follow me and care for no one else , wondering why , ain’t it obvious “


My words – ” Every time i see A with F I get angry “

your thoughts -everytime i see you with any other person , i get angry ..wondering why ? Ain’t it obvious?


My words – Why are you silent ?

– nothing i’m just …..


Your words – thinking how am I supposed to tell you what’s inside my heart.

wondering why?

ain’t it obvious?




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