You – original song


If you ask me how heaven feels like ,
It’s when I’m next to you
Thinking about you ,
Babe , it’s sparks and butterflies
You see your love gave me wings
With you , I feel whole cuz I got everything


I’ve thought about what I have , but babe you’re the best.
You’ve got me breathing , but you take my breathe away
The day you were born , all year boo but its my favourite day.


I know , I know that you got magic in your heart
Cuz you cast a spell on me right from the start
We be like tom and jerry , and laughing like crazy
Best friends like lilo and stitch , in love like Romeo and Juliet.


Cause we’re soul mates , we don’t have to pretend
When you need a hand , I’ll be right there beside you
Yeah in the dark , I’ll be the bright light to guide you
We got something no one can undo.


Yeah on the beach , hands high tryin to reach the sky
We holding each other , here comes sunset , stars are here
On our backs , eyes closed , perfect world
Aint got nothing to worry about , no doubt.


Hear that , dat was your heart beating my name
Yeah , I got yours tattooed on mine
Yeah right here inside
I don’t know what I’d do without you
I don’t wana think about it boo


So imma let you know I do , I did and I’ll always love you x 3


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