Young Love


If I could cheat on you , i’ll fall in love with our daughter

If i could hold you now , I always want us to be together

we are two , we’ll make ti through , forever and ever

it’s just that your eyes take me to heaven 

i’ll stay up with you way past eleven

my heart beats a song that you can only understand 


Dear babe , I can only love you 

i wana be your hero , your one and only

looking at people outside , they aint like us

when it’s just me and you , the world disappears

your lips that give me butterflies , your eyes that make me fly

cant wait to be in your arms , holding hands , i’ll never let you go 


if there is a tomorrow when we’re not together

there is something you must always remember

i can never and will never love anyone after you

i was told to hold a pen , to think of everything

open my eyes to find your name 

babe , when i first saw you … I fell

but your love held me before I hit the ground





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