Blind – Alex Angel


Moments holding on to you
As you hold me tighter , heart skips a beat
looking into your eyes
Butterflies flourish like crazy
My gut tightens , then I smile
Getting weak in the knees

Dead and lost , you found my soul
Fed me love , loved me back to life
Awakened from my eternal coma
Just when I gave up , you were my hope
you’re my hero , my everything
My world that spins around me

your kiss , a soft touch that lifts me up
your laugh , an innocent sound so pure
By your side , my scars within heal
your love is what I always feel

Like fire you enlightened my heart
Like a thunder bolt you entered my life
You remind me of a wolf , looking upon the moon
Howling to be saved , to be noticed , I see you

your beauty with words , impossible
That perfect body that you own , you hold proudly
Within you , a diamond shines
Just like the brightest star in the sky
Everytime I think about you , I hear birds singing
You’re the light of my life , I can see clearly now

And if I was blind , I can trust you to walk me home

Take me home , in your arms x 3


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