American Sign Language – A.S.L


I have been watching the series ” Switched At Birth ” since Season 1, and it is the first time I come across ASL.

I was not sure how exactly to understand the whole phenomenon but I found it breathtaking.  To have a unique world

based on the signing , I may not understand it to it’s full perspective but I do find it mysterious and different in a good way. I somewhat love the way they communicate with each other. They are based on trying to help us ” hearing ” people understand them and not discriminate against their needs and wants . Their only desire is feel part of the world and not outsiders.

I truly admire everything about the Deaf World , very mesmerized how they handle their world and would love to learn about them . In support for them I want to learn sign language but as a ” cool gesture ” but honestly to just connect with them and let them know that I care and want to understand them. I find the way they communicate


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