My new Love & Inspiration in my Life : Shania Twain



There comes a time when you come across a person , that truly affects you and becomes part of your life . Well , I after I watched the new DocSeries of Shania Twain ; I usually watch documentaries to get more insight about a certain person . But every this time it felt more of a connection than just a look – through . Listening to her songs reminded me of my childhood and just every word she sang reminded me of certain images in my life . Just the way she portrays herself is really beautiful . She is already truly beautiful and wouldn’t want any one different than her to be my idol.

Her Doc Series called : Why Not ?

The moment the video started , I began to feel how she is as a person , it feel so authentic. I just wanted to be there for her and be by her side. Her personality is amazing even though the documentary was about her being lost and trying to get her voice back. The part of her trying to find her voice reminds me of how I got my voice , due to being bullied and abused as a child . I repressed my voice and hid it from the world . But now that I have forgiven and accepted who I am and expressed myself out loud ; at the same time trying to find out my path in life . I was able to relate to her because she ignored her feelings and just focused on putting things aside . Knowing she lost her parents at that young age and setting aside the betrayal of her close friend Marie – Anne is truly amazing from how she felt at the beginning comparing to the end of the documentary.


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