Beautiful Pain



This love’s got me shakin can’t stand anymore

She just knows the words to lift me up

Heart beats her name all day long , all day long

Can’t bear this pain going on and on

Her voice echoes in my mind like a song

Lovin her keeps me alive , lighten me up like a flame


She shakes my soul like an earthquake

Aint nobody got it but her

Your love’s killing me slowly , please don’t save me

Why do I still feel for you ? Weren’t you jus a crush?

You’ve crushed my heart to pieces , shattered

Just wana hold you tight and make you feel the storm inside , the cyclone that is hungry to take you all in

I can’t stop thinking about you , I see you everywhere I go.

What have you done to me ? We were just best friends!

Now I feel like a monster everytime I’m away

I miss you more day by day


I just can’t bare to lose you yet I hurt myself to keep you

Save me from this love prison , sentenced within your walls

Take me to where you are and go far away

How did we reach this ? How do you make me crave you desparately?

Being so close to you makes me feel so strong yet weak in my knees

I’m so in love with this beautiful pain , don’t wana be without you

I just aint the same , I’m glad you came

Can’t walk or run away from your ways

Holdin on , I got u wrapped around my heart

I’ve loved you and always will , aint nothing tearin us apart

Every dream I’ve had kissing you , drives me wild

Forgive me , I can’t stop loving you so beautifully

This beautiful pain’s keepin me alive , this pain got me screamin


Holdin your hand , butterflies flutterin Her eyes takin me to a world far away , far away Feeling the power of your tough love , heart attacks flowing Can you hear the drummin Your heart’s song hummin Captured within her wild storm Trying to sleep; her voice like soft rain keeps me awake

I just can’t be without you beautiful Got me hooked on your love drug Gettin high , higher the clouds Breathin you in , feeling you inside Your demons shakin me out, can’t get enough I’m just gona keep holdin on , holdin on to you You’ve started a wild fire , burnin me inside

Girl , you’re the only beautiful pain & I’m just gona keep on holdin on The one and only perfect storm


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