Angel’s Lullaby



We were like the stars in the sky
shining like there is no tomorrow
yet far each other hearts
your voice still lingers in my heart & mind
like an angel you descended into my life
hmm . hmmm , got a voice like an angel from above
I knew I couldnt hold myself , but it’s true
her voice plays on like , like an angel lullaby
Wish I could record you and let the world see
how beautiful your heart’s song is
playing on my heart’s strings
A beautiful melody , slow dancing through the night
dont want you to be fly away , fly away
this love’s got me thinking , where to go
You take me to places i’ve never been before
I understand you never had someone to follow
I know you always said you’d find it your own way
You keep your feelings safe like letters in a bottle
Hoping that they’d wash up on my shore someday
oh , owhh , oh oh , oh
Talking on the phone , hearin you laugh
going on about your day , can’t find something to say
lightening a smile on my face , beautiful , beautiful you
you’ve sang to my heart’s broken pieces , blessing my broken road
showing me the right way to life , to the light
filling me with your sweet words , dont need no bread
by your side , feeling whole inside
Not a stranger to the wonders of your silence
I wanna be there when the walls are fallin’ away
So I can see you’re all are the things that make me love you
Just a smile, smile on your face
oh , owhh , oh oh , oh
Lying here and I can’t fall asleep
I’m just listening to you breathe
I miss the way it was before
I’d wake and wrap inside your arms
After you kissed me all night long
We would be in love a little more
Why can’t we just lock all the doors?
Maybe we’ll find what we’re looking for
I don’t want to be strangers
oh , owhh , oh oh , oh
everytime it gets dark , I hold your hand
I know you understand
walking by the ocean’s waves , I see you walking away
haven’t seen a beauty like you
baby , your footsteps beating on the sand
holding on to an angel from above , gift of love
your words bring my soul to life , to life

loving you , loving you , an angel like you , baby , you , you x 3


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