Million Miles – J.B


Original Song

Even when she’s close to my heart 
Though it feels like we’re a million miles apart
Promised to stay
But now nowhere to be seen
Callin her every day
Hearin voice mail , breaks me inside
Guess she’s moved on , gotta let go
Holdin on to her , on speed dial
Can’t forget her sweet voice
The one that once lifted me up
She’s my ghost love from above
They said if you love someone , you got to let them go
She was the one that showed me the light
Used to sit by window lookin at the moonlight
She gave me hope , a reason to smile
Where did you go ? Why did you walk away?
My sun in the morning , my moon every night
Her tears ripped my heart’s strings
There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do
Holdin on to our memories , shakes me from inside
Why did you push me away when I held you close
What happened to forever ?
Where’s ur heart that glows?
Heard that you don’t want no more
Can’t look at you without a tear in my eye
You’ve pushed me a million miles away
How did we get from hello to goodbye?
I’ve never let a girl get to me , was strong
You’re my weakness now
Congratulations you’ve succeeded my dear


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